Friday Night Firefly

What's Yours Is Mine (Part 1)

Steve has trouble with names

Previously on Friday Firefly Night…

The camera starts out in space with a big blue planet taking up the whole view (It’s Persephone) and quickly zooms down into the Broken Rose bar (In Eavesdown dock) where our heroes are sitting around a round table with their drinks waiting for their client. They’re arguing over who should buy the next round.

The Broken Rose is built into the remains of a notorious pirate ship that crashed on the Eavesdown Docks. Though the derelict vessel has been stripped of all functioning parts, an
entrepreneur bought the land it’s sittin’ on and built a whiskey still in the ship’s former engine room. The saloon is downright cozy. Stools and tables are creatively positioned and screwed into the floor. War memorabilia from both sides decorate the walls.
End Note

Camera pans around the table till the entrance is visible on the edge of the screen. Soon a woman walks in. Not dressed like a tourist nor does she look like a complete local. Her clothes feel a little bit out of time and she looks like she has seen some tough times. Her hands and face definitely look like she has seen some hard labour and her muscles are noticeable through the clothes she wear. One look and you can immediately tell she can handle herself in a fight. She heads straight to the bar.

Camera pans back to our heroes and we see them definitely noticing her come in. After a short debate on who should introduce themselves, Steve draws the short straw and gets up and heads towards the bar. Frankly, who can understand Rambino’s slur anyway?

Camera cuts to Marion (Marion is in the left third of the shot). We see Steve approaching in the right third of the frame. As Steve approaches the bar, he says “Are you Marion?”. She turns towards Steve with the suspicious kind of look and responds “Who wants to know?”

Steve: “We’re kinda looking for work and we hear somebody wants to hire us.”

Marion: “You must be Steve”

Steve: “Yes ma’am. Let me buy you a drink.”

Steve signals the bartender (outside of shot) and a drink for Marion gets slid in front of her (drink slides in from left of shot).

She grabs the drink and says “Let’s head over to your table where there is a bit more privacy.”

Steve leads the way towards the table.

Camera cuts to table. Shot shows Marion and Steve sitting down at the table. Camera shows all four of them around the table. As they sit, Steve introduces Rambino and Vin.

Steve: “This is Rambino”

Rambino “Nicetomeetyou!”

Steve: “And this is Vin”

Vin: “Pleasure.”

Steve: “Meet Marilyn Manson”

Camera cuts to Marion Morrison.

Marion: “Marion Morrison”

Camera cuts to Steve

Steve: “Sorry! Marlin Manson”

Camera cuts to Marion Morrison.

Marion: “Marion Morrison!”

Camera cuts to Steve

Steve: “Sorry! Maven Morgan”

Camera cuts to Marion

We see an expression of exasperation on Marion indicating she gives up trying to correct Steve and instead begins to explain the job to them.

Marion: "I need you to steal a shipment of ore from Morrison Mining Company on Sweethome in the town of Hannibal. They are transporting a large quantity of ore from the planet to the transport ship and I want you to intercept it. ".

Camera cuts to Steve

Steve: “May I ask why?”

Camera cuts to Marion

Marion: “The current owner stole the company from me and I want steal what is rightfully mine. The pay will be good. I’ll give you 10% of the value of the ore.”

Camera cuts to our heroes and they have a short discussion with general agreement. In the corner of the shot we see Marion pull out a broken watch and looks at it. Our heroes notice her facial expression change showing pain and sorrow. She notices our heroes have come to an agreement and quickly composes herself. She puts the watch away.

Marion: “I would like to tag along for this job”

Our heroes generally nod and show an indication of why not.

Camera cuts to Steve

Steve: “What can you tell us about the place?”

Camera cuts to Marion

Marion: “I still have many friends on the planet which can help you.”

Camera cuts to the table.

Without any further questions, they begin drinking up and getting ready to go. In the background we can see 6 people approaching. Fully muscular guys and they don’t look particularly friendly.

As Steve finishes his drink, one of them says to Steve. “I don’t like you!” The others behind him snigger.

Steve glances around the table and sees a grin starting on Rambino’s face. Before anyone else reacts, Rambino throws the first punch. As Rambino punches one of the goons while getting up, his punch wasn’t powerful enough to knock them out, but certainly put him on the ground.

Camera zooms out and we see our heroes all get up and start a punch up in the bar. Marion quietly sits there finishing her drink.

As Vin and Rambino gets up to take a shot at the goons, Steve gets caught by the table missing his punch and manages to trip and bump his head against the table.

The goons have less luck. Without a clear strategy or organisation, they are getting in the way of each other.

Steve tries again, but decides to use his shield. Unfortunately he doesn’t quite manage to punch one with the shield and ends up smacking himself in the face with it. In the meantime Rambino and Vin has managed to put most of the goons on ground.

Steve finally manages to take out the last two goons despite being dazed previously.

On the edge of screen we can see Marion looking impressed.

Camera cut to Steve as he grabs one of the goons.

Steve: “Who do you work for?”

Goon: “The owner of Morrison Mines! We heard you were going there and he doesn’t like visitors! We were only trying to discourage you from going!”

Steve punches his lights out and takes a quick look around to see if there is any more trouble.

Cut to bartender

The bartender nod an approving look.

Cut to Steve

Steve makes an apologetic expression.

Cut to room

We see our heroes with Marion in tow leave the bar.

Cut to Intro

Screen is filled with dust. In the background we can hear the roar of engines quieting down. We slowly see the dust settle and the firefly starts to appear from within the dust.

The cargo bay doors start coming down and we can see our heroes and Marion in the cargo bay.

Camera cuts to inside the Firefly cargo bay with all our heroes and Marion in the shot.

We see our heroes discussing what to do first.

Marion: “I better stay on board. Most people will recognise me on sight.”

Our heroes nod in agreement and decide to head into to the mining facility first.

Camera cuts to the road leading to the mining facility. The facility is still a distance away, but our heroes can clearly see all the guards around the facility. The facility is heavily guarded and our heroes decide to head to town instead.

Camera cuts to the road leading into town. The town looks like it has seen better days. The buildings in town looked like this was once a wealthy town, now rundown and quiet. We can see a very old poster on one of the walls, covered in dust and you can barely see the image and words. The poster is calling for people to join the independents with Captain America as the central character.

As they approach, they decide to visit the local saloon to see if they can gather any information about the mining operation.

Camera cuts to inside the saloon

The saloon is empty at this time of day and definitely has seen better days. All the colours are muted and a lot of the chairs have been mended with nails and duct tape. The bar looks well used and the bartender doesn’t look much better either.

Camera cut to Steve

Steve approaches the bar

Steve: “A round of your finest please!”

Camera cut to bartender. The bartender begins grabbing a few glasses and starts filling up.

Camera cut to Steve

Steve: “What can you tell me about the mining operation?”

Camera cut to bartender

Bartender: “The mine is run by Etienne du Bujac. He took over the mine after Marion Morrison was convicted for murder.”

Camera cut to Steve

Steve: “Bu.. what?”

Bartender: “du Bujac”

Steve: “d jack?”

Bartender: “du Bujac”

Steve: “What jack?”

Bartender: “du Bujac”

Steve: “due date?”

Bartender: “du Bujac!”

Steve: “Steve Jackson?”

Steve grabs the comm and hails Hans

Steve: “Translate this for me, Hans!”

Bartender: “du Bujac”

Hans: “Ik not know French”

Bartender hands over the drinks obviously giving up.

Steve: “Let’s just call him Jack, alright?”

Bartender shrugs in acceptance.

Steve: “Who did she kill?”

Camera cut to bartender

Bartender: “The former sheriff and I really liked Marion.”

Steve: “We work for Marion.”

Bartender: “Really? Well, none of us believe she actually killed the sheriff.”

Steve: “Who do you think did?”

Bartender: “I think the bast*rd son of his who now runs the mine. Of course nobody had any proof.”

Steve: “Know when the shifts change at the mine?”

Bartender: “Not anymore. The shifts keep changing and getting longer and longer. In fact, it’s been very bad for business. A lot of the miners come out so tired, they go straight home to bed skipping a drink. You should go and find Grady Hopkins. He’s the mine’s foreman and he was a very good friend of Marion. I’m sure he can help you.”

Steve: “Thanks!”

Bartender: “By the way, watch out for the Sheriff and let Marion know if she needs any help, she can count on me.”

Our heroes go into a corner and converse over the information. They finish their drinks and decide to take a better look around.

Cut to outside with the camera facing the sun

Our heroes see a person wearing a shiny bronze star approach them with a group of 12 presumably deputies approach them. They are all armed, but it doesn’t look like they are itching to pull their guns out.

Sheriff: “You’re under arrest”

Steve: “What for?”

Sheriff: “Disturbin’ the Peace”

Our heroes begin to shuffle in preparation for a showdown.

Sheriff: “Hey, not looking for a fight. Just come peacefully please.”

Steve: “Any chance we can convince you otherwise?”

Sheriff: “Sorry. Orders are order. Please don’t make it resisting arrest as well.”

Our heroes take one last look to size up the situation and decide to surrender.

Cut to commercial


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