Friday Night Firefly

What's Yours Is Mine (Part 2)

The long way round rescue mission

Return from commercial.

Scene opens inside a mine in a queue with other “prisoners” to pick up mining equipment. It’s dark and dusty and everybody is covered in soot. The foreman is allocating each person to a different part of the mine.

Grady: “You lot” pointing at our heroes “take the shaft 98”

Our heroes follows orders and goes into the mine.

Cut to deep in the mine we see our heroes digging, dust all over the place and everything is covered in soot. It’s noisy and dark.

Cut to entrance of the mine seeing our heroes coming out covered in soot. We hear somebody shout “15 minutes break and not one minute more!”

Our heroes spot someone off screen and head in the direction. As the camera pans right, we see Grady standing reading reports and looking worried.

As our heroes approach, he looks up and says “Yes?”

Steve: “Are you Grady per chance?”

Grady: “I am”

Steve: “We’re friends of Marion and we’ve been told you could help.”

Grady: “Really?” He looks around nervously. He indicates with his hand that there are ears all over. “Take shaft number 56 after the break.” and walks off.

Cut to shaft 56 where our heroes are waiting. The shaft is empty and digging can be heard in the distance.

Grady appears out of the black

Grady: “How is Marion? How can I help?”

Steve: “Marion wants us to steal a large shipment of ore. I understand you could help us with that?”

Grady: “I certainly can, but I need you to help me first.”

Steve: “What can we do?”

Grady: “Save my daughter and I’ll help you”

Steve: “Where is she?”

Grady: “She is being held prisoner by Mr. du Bujac in his mansion across town. I’ve been in communication with her, so there is no problem getting it organised.”

Rambino: “FinallyIcankicksomeass!”

Grady: “What?”

Rambino: “Isaid,finallyIcankicksomeass!”

Grady: “Huh?”

Steve: “He’s itching to see some action. We’ll help you. What kind of protection does he have?”

Grady: “He’s serious about his personal safety. He has an army of guards on the grounds. His mansion is a fortress, but it has one weakness. He didn’t think of somebody coming from above. He has absolutely no defences facing upwards. I was thinking we could swoop in with a ship and grab her.”

Steve: “Sounds easy enough.”

Rambino: “grumble. Iwaslookingforwardtoafight!”

Grady: “I want to be on this rescue mission, it is my daughter after all.”

Steve: “No problem. Meet us at our ship tonight. But we need to…”

Suddenly sirens start and screaming can be heard. Grady runs off with our heroes following. Cut to another part of the mine where we see a lot of smoke, miners being carried out and people running in out of the mine. One of them comes over and tells Grady:

Miner: “Shaft 14 has collapsed, we got people trapped.”

Grady: “Alright you three, grab your gear and get in there and help!”

Grady runs off screen, but we can still hear him barking orders. We see our heroes head into the smoke.

A few seconds later we see our heroes come out each carrying a miner.

Rambino: “Thatsthelastone!”

But nobody takes notice till Steve says:

Steve: “That’s the last one!”

Emergency workers take over from our heroes while we hear cheering and congratulations go around.

Cut to outside the mine. We see Etienne du Bujac thanking everybody for their bravery. He is dressed completely out of place for the location in his finely pressed suit. Even his shoes seem completely unsuitable for the terrain. If he wasn’t the mine boss, you’d think he just came from one of the central planets. Nobody looks at all impressed, but nobody dares to challenge him either.

He sees our heroes come out of the mine and heads towards them.

Etienne: “I heard how much you helped in the mines. I thank you greatly for your bravery. Well done. I do apologise how you’ve been treated. The arrest must have been mistake and I have personally resolved the matter and you are free to go.”

Etienne’s smile is as fake as the rest of him. Our heroes thanks Etienne.

Etienne: “What are your plans, now that you are free?”

Grady: “They are leaving tomorrow.”

Etienne: “In that case I would love for you to join me for dinner tonight!”

Steve: “We would love to.”

Etienne is a little surprised at the the acceptance, but keeps smiling.

Etienne: “Good, good. See you at 8.”

Etienne heads off to thank everybody else.

Grady whispers: “I’ll see at your boat at 6” and heads off.

We see our heroes head in the opposite direction towards the front gates.

Cut to inside the Firefly in the main living area. Rhonda is cooking and our heroes look cleaned up, sitting around the main table and working out a plan for tonight.

Rambino: “Illstaybehindandgettheshipready”

Steve: “Vin and I will attend the dinner. Else it he might get suspicious.”

Vin: “We could try rescuing the daughter while we’re in the mansion”

Steve: “We still need to exit through her bedroom window.”

Vin: “How do we know which window?”

Grady comes through the hatch.

Grady: “I know which window and I can tell her to get ready while you two are at the dinner.”

Rambino: “Usetheearwigs. Illbewaitingforthegoaheadifthingsdontgosmooth.”

Cut to outside the mansion. The mansion is designed like an ancient roman villa with great pillars and doors with extravagant carvings. A large staircase leads to the doors of the mansion. Guards can be seen milling around all over the place carrying heavy machine guns. We see our heroes slowly ascend the great staircase.

Cut to inside the mansion where we see the butler opening the door to let our heroes inside. We see the butler taking some effort to open the heavy doors.

Camera cuts to behind our heroes where we see the inside of the mansion. The floor is covered in elaborate and beautiful mosaic tiles with two large staircases on either side leading to the upstairs. The entrance is sparsely decorated to provide an impressive feeling of size.

Butler: “Mr. du Bujac will be with you shortly. He has asked me to show you to the library.”

The butler leads our heroes to the library. As impressive as the hallway was, so it the library. Stacked full of books with a comfortable seating area in the middle. Upon closer inspection, the books appear to be fake. The books are all empty.

Etienne walks in from one of the doors of the library.

Etienne: “Welcome, welcome!” Turns to butler “Dinner ready?”

Butler: “Yes, sir.”

Etienne (back to the heroes): “Then follow me.”

Overall the conversation isn’t really intriguing. He goes on about how he built the mansion from scratch with no expense spared. Our heroes politely listens to him, but frankly it goes in one ear and comes out the next and I really have no interest in writing the nonsense this guy spews anyhow.

Vin suddenly comes up with an idea to avoid listening to du Bujac and asks the butler to show to the bathroom.

The butler leads him across the great hall and behind one of the staircases. Vin finds the bathroom as extravagant as the rest of the building with golden handles, golden faucets and fresh towels.

Vin quietly attempts to exit the bathroom and attempt to sneak upstairs, but instead walks straight into the butler.

Butler: “This way please.”

Without much choice, Vin heads back to the dining room with the butler. Taking a queue from Vin, Steve decides to do the same.

One the way to the bathroom.

Steve: “How long have you worked here?”

Butler: “A long time, before Mr. du Bujac took over the place.”

Steve: “So, you know Marion?”

Butler: “I certainly do and what a wonderful boss she was. Always treated us fairly.”

Steve: “We work for Marion. Would you be willing to help us?”

Butler: “I’ll do what I can.”

Steve: “I understand he is holding Grady’s daughter hostage. Can you show me which room she is in?”

Butler: “I certainly can. Follow me.”

Camera cuts to the great hall and we see the butler lead the way upstairs.

Camera cuts to corridor with the butler and hero facing a bedroom door.

Butler: “This is her room.”

Steve: “Have you got the key?”

Butler: “I’m afraid not. Mr. du Bujac has all the keys. He doesn’t trust us very much.”

Steve looks at the door and moves back getting ready to kick the door.

Butler: “I wouldn’t recommend it. These doors are extremely heavy and would require an extreme force to open. The guards would be here before you manage to kick the door down.”

Steve nods and relaxes. Thinks about it for a while.

Steve: “Ok. Let’s go back.”

Camera cuts to outside the mansion and we see our heroes say good night to Etienne du Bujac and head out.

Camera cut back into the ship.

Steve: “Back to Plan A”

Rambino: “Aboutbloodytime!”

Cut to cockpit.

Rambino sits into the pilot chair and begins the startup sequence.

Cut to outside and we see the firefly start to lift off

Cut to the firefly flying

Camera pans around to behind the firefly where we see the Mansion coming into view.

The firefly makes a pass of the mansion where Grady uses a flashlight to flash morse code. In one of the windows we can see flashes of light.

Cut to inside cockpit

Grady: “Go go!”

Rambino quickly drops the firefly next to the window and flips a switch to extend a walk plank to the window.

Camera cuts to outside the mansion facing the walk plank.

She climbs out onto the walk plank but has to drop down immediately as gunfire starts. Vin decides to come onto the walk plank, with one hand holding onto the rail and the other outstretched to grab the girl. Unfortunately he doesn’t quite reach. She is precariously holding on to the platform with one hand while her other arm is stretched out trying to grab the hand of our hero Vin.

Suddenly Steve comes out, standing tall in his red, blue and white with his shield in one hand and completely oblivious to the bullets and the wind. Bullets are bouncing off his shield and he says, “Not to fear, Captain America is here!”. In the background you can hear Rhonda say “Oh, brother!”

And with one swoop, Steve grabs her and brings her onboard. She looks longingly into Steve’s eye and not ready to let go of him and says “Oh, thank you Captain America”.

Camera cuts to the outside of the ship and we see the firefly depart into the sky.


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