Character Creation

Dice range: D4 D8 D10 D12

Step 1: Main Attributes

There are 3 main attributes

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Social

Default is D8 on all three
To increase one of the attributes, you have to drop one of the others. Can not go below a D6 and can not go above a D10.

Example 1: D10 Mental, D8 Physical, D6 Social
Example 2: D10 Mental, D6 Physical, D8 Social

Step 2: Pick 3 distinctions.

All distinctions are rated as D8.

1st Trigger: Gain plot point when using a D4 is free
2nd Trigger: Unlocked on advancement
3rd Trigger: Unlocked on advancement

Listed on pages 195 – 203

You can choose 2 distinction triggers at character creation (not 2 per distinction, but 2 overall). The rest gets unlocked through advancement.

Step 3: Pick Skills to upgrade

All skills are rated as D4 by default.

Upgrade all skills listed in distinctions from D4 to D6. If listed more than once, then step up the skill as many times as listed.

e.g. fly skill listed in all three distinctions, therefore upgrade from D4 to D10

Then, you get additional 9 points for skills.
Stepping up skill listed in distinctions costs 1 point
Stepping up skill NOT listed in distinctions costs 2 points

Step 4: Pick Specialties and Signature Assets

Get 5 points

1 point to:

  • add specialty to skill
  • Create signature asset at a d6
  • Step up signature asset d6 to d8

Any skill at D6 can have a specialty. Specialty gives an extra D6 dice.

A D6 in KNOW gets a specialty for free.

Signature assets can not go higher than D8.

Character Creation

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