Game Rules

All roles, only the top two highest dice count.

All challenges are based on dice pools. Minimum is Attribute + Skill.

Defender sets the stakes. Attacker must beat stakes to win.

Defender always win on a tie.

Big Damn Hero Die

Acquired through winning 5 points or more against the stakes (highest die in stake is the big damn hero die won)

Can be used in contest, but must spend plot point to use it.

Rolled AFTER main pool

Plot Points

All Players start out with 1 plot point.

Ways players Earn Plot Points:

  • Do something extraordinary
  • Use a distinction as a d4
  • Player rolls a jinx and GM creates a complication

Ways players can use plot points:

  • Keep an additional die from your pool and add it to your total after you roll
  • Activate a Distinction trigger that requires a Plot Point
  • Create an Asset at a d6 that lasts until the end of the scene
  • Make an existing Asset last until the end of the Episode
  • Roll a Big Damn Hero Die and add it to your total after you roll
  • Stay in the fight when a high stakes roll results in you being Taken Out

Actions or Beats

Time Actions are actions which are time based and are limited by the number of actions. e.g. 3 beats/actions to diffuse a bomb.

Success and Failure

Beat the stakes to succeed

Beating the stakes by 5 or more gets a Big Damn Hero Dice to keep. Does not matter by how much more than 5.

Rolling a 1 on a die by the players gives can give the player a complication and a plot point.

Rolling a 1 on a die by the GM gives the players an opportunity, which can be bought with a plot point. Opportunities are used to reduce or remove complications. Stepping a complication back to a D4, removes the complication.

When dice are all 1, then it is a botch and GM can give a complication for free. If GM rolls a botch, the players get a free opportunity.

Game Rules

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